• Low-cost Ginger storage structure
  • Clayed Bamboo wall Ginger Storage structure suitable for storing harvested ginger and propagation material in North Eastern region is explained here.

  • Mandarin Post Harvest Managment
  • Handling of mandarin fruits from harvest to marketing is explained here

  • Pest management for stored grains
  • This topic provides information about pest management for stored grains.

  • Post Harvest Management of Pulses
  • This topic covers the information related to Post-Harvest Management of Pulses

  • Preparation of Ber candy
  • Preparing candy from ber fruits using osmo-air-drying technology developed by CIPHET is explained here

  • Primary and secondary storage insects
  • This topic provides information about primary and secondary storage insects.

  • Rice Milling
  • This topic provides information about parameters that affect rice milling and the rice milling process.

  • Storage insect Pests management gadgets from TNAU
  • Various gadgets developed for managing stored grain insect pests are explained here

  • Support for Cold storage
  • Various schemes under which central government is providing support for establishing cold storage facilities are listed

  • Technologies for ripening fruits
  • Uniform ripening of fruits is a major problem in the fruit industry. Various harmless methods followed for induced ripening of fruits are explained here

  • Technologies from CIPHET
  • Technologies developed and commercialised by CIPHET under the All India Coordinated Research Project on Post Harvest Technology are covered here.

  • Value addition in Pineapple
  • Pineapple is a major fruit grown in Meghalaya. Preparation of various value added products from pineapple like juice, squash, RTS and jam are explained here

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